The value of professional Product Photography

The value of professional Product Photography

October 4, 2018 0 By Declan


In many ways its easier than ever to have a successful business now, than ever before. Setting up a website and social media accounts and using accessible advertising methods, makes it possible to grow your brand into something much greater. That being said, it can also be overwhelmingly difficult to achieve the same things. The internet is flooded with businesses and their products, making it easy to disappear into the void of the Information Age.

Its easier than ever for you to connect with potential clients and for potential clients to find you. However, its just as easy for said clients to find another business, never reaching you. While rejection (or lack of connection) can be discouraging, there is method behind the madness. In order to advance your business in the Information Age, its not sufficient for your information to merely exists or be available. Your businesses’ information has to stand out, or risk being scrolled past.

Visual information is an integral part of any business. Advertising and selling a product firstly require information that will help the consumer decide whether your product meets their needs, e.g. Is it vegan? Secondly it needs persuasive information. Persuasive information can be in the form of a detailed description, elaborating on info such as ingredients, allergies and dimensions. It can also be visual, photos that showcase the products best qualities and confirms to the consumer what it looks like. Its best to offer a combination of the above types of information.

This is where Product Photography has a role to play. With the overwhelming number of products available today, it’s crucial for your brand or product to stand out. If your clients scroll past your page or products because the next one looks more appealing, your brand ceases to exist. How can you prevent this from happening? Below are some requirements to make a positive visual impact:

  1. Photos that stand out.

Photos of your products has to stand out from those of your competitors. They should be representative of your brand values and the type of product you are selling. For example, if you are selling organic hand made chocolates in biodegradable boxes, the photos will vary significantly from that of someone selling chocolates covered in gold leaf and packed in imported Japanese paper. A good product photo will convey the essence of your product, thereby placing emphasis on its unique selling points.

  1. Intrigue the consumer

While the focus is always in showing your product off to those who are looking for it, its important to know that many others will also stumble upon your product. This is when photos ought to be intriguing. For example, someone scrolling the net looking for gifts comes across your range of vegan products and is subtly reminded of their vegan family member coming to their Christmas dinner. The consumer is intrigued as a connotation between your product and the consumers previously unrealised need has been awakened.

  1. Attract the consumer and drive sales.

Product photos has to be connected to you target market. This refers specific groups of people who are most likely to buy your product. Again, a product aimed at a group that values affordability shouldn’t look overpriced, as it leads to your target market ignoring your product based on the assumption that they cannot afford it and visa versa.

With the above principles in mind, it makes sense to hire a professional to equip your brand with the photos required for maximum visual impact. Many business owners decide to photograph product themselves, as it is better than not having any photos. While that is true, their amateur photographs are easily dismissed by their potential clients. Furthermore, poor quality and unprofessional looking photos can be damaging to your brand – coming across as cheap and careless to clients.

So why should you hire a professional product photographer?

A professional in any field spend their days committed to the same process. The same is true for photographers. Hiring an experienced, professional product photographer gives your brand access to the knowledge of said professional. We use our time to perfect the art of making your product look its best.

A professional photographer knows how to paint with light, in order to show of the product’s best features. We have the required skills and knowledge to style and photograph your products in a way that connects them to the consumer, while staying true to your brand values.

The field of product photography is considered to be highly technical, photographers often spend more time editing and manipulating photos than they do taking photographs. Other technical applications include consistency of photos and their lighting conditions throughout a product range, accurate representation of the “real” product, colour correctness and quality requirements for various uses (e.g. web vs print).

The relationship between brand owner/manager and photographer is very important. The key to successful projects is communication. By determining my clients needs and quoting accordingly, as opposed to selling a package to them, the client is sure to get what they need most (within their budget), while the photographer can also make a reasonable profit.

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